Retail Location & Hours:

Located in the "Heart" of Varina

2097 New Market Rd, Henrico, Va 23231

Open Monday thru Sunday (Daily)
11:00AM – 9:00PM

Sides ... $2. 00

Potato Salad
Collard Greens
Cole Slaw
Hand-Cut French Fries
Baked Beans
Potato Salad

Drinks ... $1.50

Lemon-Lime Soda
Grape Soda
Ginger Ale
Orange Soda
Diet Coke

Ronnie's Retail Menu

From the Smoker

Slow cooked in "BIG RED" - our 20-foot long smoker - using hickory wood to add to the flavor and served with our secret sauce on the side.

RIB COMBO ...      $11.50

Almost a pound (1 lb) of our savory slow cooked hickory smoked ribs served with your choice of two side items and a dinner roll (3 bones)

Ribs ONLY - $9.25      Half Slab Ribs - $15.00      Full Slab Ribs - $25.00


Premium North Carolina style vinegar based BBQ served on a bun with one side item and a drink.

BBQ Sandwich ONLY - $6.00      Pulled Pork - 1/2 lb.: $7.00      1 lb: $12.00

JUMBO CHICKEN WINGS (4) COMBO ...      $10.50

Our wings are marinated with ltalian herbs and spices, served with two sides and a dinner roll.

Wings ONLY - $8.50

BEEF BRISKET COMBO ...      $9.50

Slices of juicy, slow-cooked brisket served on a bun with a side and a drink.

Beef Brisket Sandwich ONLY - $7.00

SAMPLER ...      $14.50

Three slices of juicy, slow-cooked brisket, two slow-cooked wings, North Carolina style pulled pork BBQ and two bones of hickory smoked ribs

From the Grill

Chicken Sandwich ...      $4.00 / $6.00 (Combo)

Steak & Cheese ...      $6.00/ $8.00 (Combo)

Fish Sandwich ...      $6.00 / $8.00 (Combo)

Foot Long Corn Dog ...      $3.00 / $5.00 (Combo)

Chicken Fingers ...      $4.00/ $6.00 (Combo)

May God continually bless you and your family.